Literature Orders and Price List

To place an order:
Payment can by made by way of check or cash only.  Pay to the order of AFS of Middle TN.

It is best to email us at  afsofmiddletn@gmail.comor call us at 615/333-6066 (Mon- Fri 10-2pm)
 with your order before coming into the office.  When you arrive, we will have your order ready.
If you need to pick up a group order and you are not able to come during  M-F 10am-2pm business hours please call and set up a convenient time for a volunteer to meet you. 

Is Your Group Doing A Book Study?
Any group wanting to order books in case quantities please call or email the AFS of Middle TN Office. We will provide you with a discounted price for case orders. All #s are listed on spine of the books. 
The following books may be ordered in cases of 24:
B-4,B-5,B-6,B-7,B-8,B-10,B-11,B-14,B-15,B-16,B-17,B-18,B-19,B-21,B-23,B-24,B-26,B-27,B-28,29, B-30, B-31,B-32,B-33.   
Prices below are total costs and include tax.  (The Literature List may take a few seconds to load...please be patient)