Al-Anon Literature Orders and Price List

To place an order:
Any Al-Anon Group or Individual may order and purchase Al-Anon Conference approved Literature (CAL) from our Middle TN AFS Literature Distribution Office at 176 Thompson Lane suite #G-3 Nashville TN 37211.
World Service (WSO) suggests: "Remember-When you buy from your local Literature Distribution Center, you support local services."    
Payment can by made by way of check or cash onlyPay to the order of "AFS of Middle TN".

It is best to email us at  afsofmiddletn@gmail.comor call us at 615/333-6066 (Mon- Fri 10-2pm)
 with your order before coming into the office.  When you arrive, we will have your order ready.
If you need to pick up a group order and you are not able to come during  M-F 10am-2pm business hours please call and set up a convenient time for a volunteer to meet you. 

Is Your Group Doing A Book Study?
Any group wanting to order books in case quantities please call or email the AFS of Middle TN Office. We will provide you with a discounted price for case orders. All #s are listed on spine of the books. 
The following books may be ordered in cases of 24:
B-4,B-5,B-6,B-7,B-8,B-10,B-11,B-14,B-15,B-16,B-17,B-18,B-19,B-21,B-23,B-24,B-26,B-27,B-28,29, B-30, B-31,B-32,B-33.  
Prices below are total costs and include TN sales tax.  (The Literature List may take a few seconds to load...please be patient)