Group Resources

To change meeting information of an existing group or to start a new group:
 Please contact AFS Office of Middle Tennessee or 615-333-6066 (M-F 10am-2pm)

1.   We will contact World Service Office (WSO)  to make it official.  Your new information will be updated/added to the WSO world wide meeting search.  (Registration with the World Service Office ensures a connection with worldwide Al-Anon. Upon registration, the group can count on the WSO for ongoing support including monthly and quarterly postal and electronic mailings.)
2.   Your meeting will also be promptly added/updated to Middle Tennessee Where & When Al-Anon meeting directory (both printed directories & website search) as well as the State of TN website search.
3. We will contact your District Rep (DR) to alert them of any additions or changes.
  • Phone Contact for Groups:  Is Your Group Contact Up to Date????                                          The AFS Office of Middle TN  publishes a "Where&When " Directory and a contact person for each group is very helpful. According to our Al-Anon Service Manual 2018-2021 page 34: "Phone Contact for the Public - Phone contacts are members of the group who are willing to receive phone calls and extend a warm welcome to newcomers, travelers, professionals and others  seeking information about their Al-Anon group. They provide a personal invitation to newcomers to attend the next meeting, including details about how to find the group's meeting room. Serving as the group's phone contact for the public is Step Twelve in action.  A phone contact's first name and phone number may be provided to callers seeking information on the Al-Anon toll-free meeting line.* In keeping with Tradition Eleven, it is not appropriate to post members' names or phone numbers on public venues such as websites or posters."  The AFS Office of Middle TN lists group contacts in our printed directory and will often give these contacts to newcomers calling for group information. It does not post these contacts on our web site.  Please check the "Where&When" Directory to ensure your groups contact is still a current group member willing to take calls. Call or email the Middle TN Office if your group has changes.
  • CONTACT US: or 615-333-6066 (M-F 10am-2pm /& After hours hotline FOR MORE PRESSING MATTERS)

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